-On Hanvon’s presence at the CES


The world’s largest International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) raised the curtain at the Las Vegas Convention Center of the United States on January 7, and about 2,700 manufacturers participated in it. This was an occasion never to be missed by Hanvon Technology. Following its successful presences at the 2006, 2007 and 2008 shows, Hanvon came back for a grand presence a fourth time this year. Chairman Liu Yingjian, President Zhang Xuejun, Vice President Zhang Kaichun and Vice President Wang Bangjiang all made their personal attendances, and Liu Jun, General Manager of Overseas Department and related personnel also participated in the CES.

Compared with its previous presences, Hanvon Technology brought more products this year. The three product series Hanvon Graphics Tablet, Hanvon E-Book and Hanvon Face ID were simultaneously staged, which constituted a more complete category than Hanvon Graphics Tablet solely exhibited in previous years, and for both Hanvon E-Book and Hanvon Face ID, this CES was simply their debut.

Hanvon E-Book Acclaimed
In the American and European market, such products as electronic readers are no strangers to the consumers. During Christmas seasons of the past two years, Kindle was out of stock twice at Amazon.com, which was a sure sign of its popularity. In the current foreign market of electronic readers, however, the main players are just Kindle and Sony Reader. On the one hand, the market for electronic readers is expanding rapidly, but on the other hand, only a few brands are available for consumers’ choices. It was in such a context that the “newcomer” Hanvon E-Book staged a grand debut, and reaped a great success at the CES with its own supreme quality.

In contrast with the products leading the European and American market, Hanvon E-Book stands out with its unique features. Firstly, most products available in the current market adopt 6-inch displays, while the 5-inch display of Hanvon E-Book makes it more portable. Secondly, handwriting technology, the core technology of Hanvon, is integrated in its product exhibited at this CES, which makes it more personalized and gives e-books more merits.

At this CES, customers contended to consult about Hanvon E-Book, and some eager ones even began to consider placing orders and discussed cooperation possibilities with the Hanvon staff right on the spot.

Hanvon Face ID Particularly Favored
Hanvon Face ID, as a novel high-tech face recognition attendance system, also emerged at this CES. After careful planning, the Hanvon staff specially set up some access control situations as per the product features (See pictures).

Full of curiosity, customers of various skin colors came for a look at this newly launched product. Hanvon Face ID certainly did not let them down, and greatly impressed the on-the-spot audience with its amazing recognition rate.

Besides, this product also attracted many peer customers to come for consulting and business talks.

New Feature of Hanvon Graphics Tablet
As an old star of the last three CESes, Hanvon Graphics Tablet was undoubtedly familiar to customers, but this time it returned with a new feature-dual wireless technology, which feasted the eyes of both its old and new customers. Through several years of efforts, Hanvon Graphics Tablet has witnessed increasingly steady development in the overseas market and has won the recognition of ever more overseas customers. Many foreign dealers of Hanvon Graphics Tablet also started to talk about further cooperation right at the Hanvon exhibition booth. At this CES, three Hanvon product series–Hanvon E-Book, Hanvon Face ID and Hanvon Graphics Tablet jointly presented a high-tech feast before the CES audience against its grandeur and beautiful exhibition booth. Though the CES has come to a close, the excellence of Hanvon will continue ...