Largest Business Invitation Conference for Face ID held on Great Hall of People!


Face ID, the industry first embedded facial recognition system with leading “Dual Sensor™” Facial Recognition Algorithm, which designed for application like physical access control and time attendance, identity management. Face ID has gained very good reputation from end users, system integrators, and partners.

Hanvon Technology (SZSE: 002362), a world leader of developing Handwriting Recognition, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Biometric Recognition related technology and products, released its unique and innovative Face ID in late 2008, over 30,000 units have been installed worldwide till March 31, 2010.

On June 21st, Hanvon held the largest business invitation conference for Face ID in Chinese “White House”, the Great Hall of People. Over 400 partners and distributors attended this conference, 6 new models which targeted for different market segments like time attendance, time attendance and access control, professional access control were displayed.

Several partners were invited to share their successful experience with Face ID. “The best way to sell Face ID is to demonstrate it to target customer, let them experience the technology”. This is the most conclusion of successful case during the Business Invitation Conference.

“Regarding the competition from the market, we have full confidence to compete with any competitors. Fast enrollment and accurate recognition, large capacity for 1:Many matching are the core advantage of Face ID”. “Our Face ID was patented by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for unique inclined design for image capture and facial recognition system, we reserve the right to sue these infringers”. Said James Shi, the Vice General Manager of Biometric Division.

More than 20,000 units Face ID were booked by these who attended this conference. “We have full confidence to push Face ID in the market. At the beginning, we do not believe we can sell, but customers show quick decision to buy after several demonstrations made at their end”. Said by Mr.Lee, one of the Face ID distributors from China.

Let customers touch Face ID!