Hanvon and Taiwan Partners Make Joint Efforts to Establish Global Distribution Network and an Overseas Marketing Platform is Built in Taiwan

Ebook readers, Tablet PCs, Graphic Tablets and Face Recognitions are on Sale Today


China Hanvon Technology, the world's second-largest e-reader manufacturers as well as the world's leading technology supplier of handwriting recognition, optical character recognition and biometrics identification sets up an overseas marketing platform in Taiwan today to expand overseas markets. Hanvon also announces that all its four major product lines Ebook readers (including the latest six-inch touch-screen Ebook N620 with handwriting recognition and WiFi launched simultaneously in mainland China), Tablet PCs, Graphic Tablets and Face Recognitions Products will be available in Taiwan. Hanvon Technology will also cooperate with the digital publishers in Taiwan on the establishment a cross-strait publishing cooperation platform to support the distribution of Taiwan's Traditional Chinese publication in mainland China and further expand the market of Chinese publication. Attaching importance to Taiwan market, Hanvon Technology today invites dozens of partners in Taiwan such as technology companies, distributors and digital publishers to attend the news conference. Hanvon Technology hopes the establishment of overseas marketing platform in Taiwan is an opportunity to Chinese digital publishers across the strait to collaborate on spreading Chinese culture and starting a new era of Chinese reading!

Liu Yingjian, the Chairman of Hanvon Technology says that Hanvon Technology has become the world's leading technology supplier of electronic reader, handwriting recognition, optical character recognition and biometric identification since it was established in 1998. Hanvon Technology has nearly a decade research experiences and possesses globally unique intelligent human-machine interface technology including smooth Chinese handwriting input, multi-touch and face recognition. Hanvon’s development is inseparable from support of enterprises in Taiwan. For example, Hanvon’s scanners sold in mainland China are produced by enterprises in Taiwan while most OCRs used by enterprises in Taiwan are provided by Hanvon. Since the first Ebook reader was launched in 2008, the sales of Hanvon’s Ebook reader have been far ahead of those of its rivals in China and Hanvon has become one of the world's leading manufacturers. Hanvon has kept good and close partnership with enterprises in Taiwan. The screens used in Ebook readers are made by enterprises in Taiwan. In a sense, Hanvon’s products are fruits of cross-strait cooperation on design and manufacture.

Zhang Lei, the special assistant to the Chairman of Hanvon Technology and Director of Strategic Planning Department pointes out that Taiwan is Hanvon’s most important source of OEM and products including Ebook readers. Hanvon maintains sound and long-term cooperation with manufactures in Taiwan such as PVI, Foxconn and OKWAP. In consideration of the high Ebook reader technology and OEM skills of enterprises in Taiwan, Hanvon sets up in Taiwan the overseas marketing platform, which will be responsible for R&D, sales and finding digital content providers. The establishment of the overseas marketing platform aims at not seizing the Taiwan Ebook reader market but strengthening the communication and contact between upstream and downstream manufactures and establishing long-term partnership with local component providers, foundries and digital content publishers and providers. This is also one part of Hanvon’s strategy to expand global Ebook reader market together with partners in Taiwan.

Hanvon Technology also announces it will establish in Taiwan a cross-strait publishing cooperation platform, which contains content creation, editing, publishing and digital services and supports the dissemination of Taiwan Traditional Chinese contents in mainland China. Zhang Lei also indicates that there will be more cross-strait cooperation and enormous business opportunities as the digital content trade belongs to service trade under the ECFA. Content trade is a new business mode and Hanvon looks forward to further understanding the development of and cooperation on digital content business in Taiwan. Hanvon has contacted with many digital content providers and publishers in Taiwan and intends to collaborate with them on expanding Chinese publication market and grabing the global digital reading market.

Paying attention to the development of Taiwan's market, Hanvon Technology announces in today’s news conference that all its four major product lines Ebook readers (including the latest six-inch touch-screen Ebook N620 with functions of handwriting recognition and Wifi launched simultaneously in mainland China), Tablet PCs, Graphic Tablets and Face Recognitions Products will be available in Taiwan. All these products will be sold through distributor such as sales agents in Taiwan.

1. Ebook reader-N620
Ebook N620 is a six-inch electronic reader with built-in WiFi, so users can easily download books through a wireless network to brows information. Based on patented electromagnetic board technology, N620 has strong function of convenient and smooth handwriting input as well as keypad input. Its fashionable and delicate design ensures smooth operation by both left and right hands. In addition, the thickness of less than 8.8mm and the weight of about 255 grams (including battery) make it easy to carry and users may read anywhere at any time. As a result of its ultra-low power consumption, its battery life is more than 24 days. Built-in 2GB memory can save thousands of books. Pre-installed 3000 genuine e-books fully meet reading demand of people on long-time trip.

2. Tablet PC-TouchPad
Hanvon Technology, Microsoft and Intel jointly launch Tablet PC-TouchPad for business people. TouchPad is known as iPad Killer because of it perfect combination of stylish design and practical functions. The thickness of 18mm and the weight of 900 grams make it easy to carry. TouchPad supports 1024 × 600 (16:9) video. 2GB DDR2 memory and 250 GB hard drive ensures easy access to audio and video files. It also has 2 USB ports, Audio in/ out, mini HDMI and expansion interface. Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is in line with users’ habits.

3. Graphic Tablet - Creative Master 3
Creative Master 3 is Hanvon’s latest professional graphic tablet which supports 2048 sense of pressure and can reflect the subtle changes in the thickness and shade of lines, which provides larger creative space for depiction, painting and copying. With the increasing popularity of computers and networks, the traditional drawing and painting through mouse and keyboard will be replaced and creating animation through digital technology has become an inexorable trend. Creative Master 3 is a necessary graphic tablet for professionals in creative industry.

4. Face recognition product -F710
F710 is a face recognition product with dual embedded cameras. It features fast and accurate face recognition thanks to Hanvon’s latest face recognition technology Dual Sensor™. F710 is free from impact of indoors ambient light, and it works even in the dark since. It supports various authentication modes, including IC or ID card mode and human face mode. The classic bevel design makes it more suitable for enterprises, banks and building automation.