Hanvon’s Face ID Wins 2008 Beijing Public Security
Expo Innovative Product Award


The 2008 International Social Public Security Product Expo was held on December 9 - 12th in Beijing International Exhibition Center. The Expo was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Public Security, and sponsored by the China Security & Protection Industry Association (CSPIA). The new biological recognition product launched by Hanvon, Face ID, had a brilliant debut at the Expo and was given the "Innovative Product" award. Apart from being the only imbedded dual-sensor face recognition product, Face ID is also the only prize-winner within the access control category. At the award dinner party on the evening of February 10th, Shi Jian, Cheif of the Face Recognition Department of Major Customer Division for Hanvon, accepted the award on behalf of Hanvon.

CSPIA has implemented stricter standards for the applicant products than ever. Particularly, the products must meet the requirements of function innovation, application innovation, key technique index innovation and invention innovation. There were over 170 products from 108 companies competing for awards. First the materials for assessment prepared by each company were pre-evaluated, then experts were organized to go to companies or the Expo for on-site evaluation, and the final ratings were given based on the evaluation results. After a series of screenings, the "Innovative Products" were finally determined. During the evaluation, expert groups gave unanimous praise to the innovative features of Hanvon’s Face ID, which adopted the "Dual Sensor® V2.0" imbedded face recognition algorithm with independent intellectual property and specific dual sensors, successfully expanding the application of face recognition from the PC platform to an imbedded platform; it breaks the limits of 1:1 contrast, which is supported by existing face recognition products made by domestic and foreign companies, and realized 1:N identification; it creates the unique slope structure, lifting the height range of an ordinary camera by 30cm, supporting heights from 1.45m to 1.95m; it also supports the natural lowering head gesture to better meet customer requirements. The success rate of Hanvon face recognition is as high as 95%, far higher than those of competitors at home and abroad.

The debut of Hanvon’s Face ID at the Expo attracted a great deal of attention by industry practitioners and TV journalists, who gathered at the Hanvon site to take photos and conduct interviews. Many customers from the Middle East, Taiwan, Europe and U.S. wanted to buy samples on-site. Users were deeply moved by the vivid product demonstration and asked to try it out. In addition, users also offered suggestions for product improvement. Users said they would continue their watch for Hanvon products and introduce them to their colleagues, which would expand the recognition of the Hanvon brand.

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Expo, Hanvon Face ID was successfully introduced, achieved excellent on-the-spot sales performance, and generated increased interest enticing potential customers to choose Hanvon products. The event’s success significantly enhanced the image of Hanvon’s brand in the security & protection field, increased Hanvon's confidence to expand both domestic and global markets, and created more opportunities for the last quarter sales peak. Hanvon will continue to create more friendly and smart innovative products and increasing and expanding face recognition technology. The access control technology is gearing up for the Face ID era!