Hanvon Holds Its First e-Book Forum in Taiwan

Hanvon Taiwan e-Book Store is launched today to provide more than 10,000 e-books online


(December 27, 2010, Taipei) In 2010, the annual growth rate of the global e-book reader is expected to reach 204%. Since Hanvon electronic paper books were launched in 2008, they now have more than 1 million users, accounting for about 70% of the Chinese mainland’s e-book market. Because Taiwan is an important Chinese e-book market, Hanvon established a marketing platform in Taiwan in late September 2010. Today, the company even holds its first e-book forum - Key Report on the 2011 Digital Reading Market – in Taiwan, hoping to gather leaders from the academics, production and administration communities of Taiwan’s e-book industry to jointly promote the development of the Chinese e-book market. In addition, Hanvon also announces that Hanvon Taiwan e-Book Store has formally been launched. The platform can provide the content of more than 10,000 e-books. With such a digital content platform, Hanvon hopes to actively occupy the Taiwan e-book market.

Hanvon forums

Zhang Lei, Director of Strategic Planning and Special Assistant to the Chairman of Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. (Hanvon), said: "The year of 2009 was a harvest year for Hanvon, which has had nearly a decade of research and development and had the unique intelligent man-machine interface technology. Since its e-readers were launched in the market in 2008, Hanvon has now had more than 1 million customers in the Chinese mainland, accounting for about 70% of the Chinese mainland’s e-book market. In addition, Hanvon has obtained the Chinese mainland’s state-level Internet download platform qualification certification, which can ensure digital content providers to provide customers a formal reading and download channel to prevent the consumers from reading illegally uploaded and chaotic digital content and to protect writers’ rights, original editions and copyright uses and thereby to create a high-quality digital publishing environment."

Zhang Lei further pointed out that as mobile Internet has become the overall development trend of today’s technology industry, Hanvon has been officially permitted to be engaged in Internet publishing business. In the future, Hanvon will shift from an e-reader hardware manufacturer into an Internet-based comprehensive high-tech enterprise. On the basis of Hanvon e-Book Store, Hanvon will build an Internet-based digital media platform. Therefore, Hanvon’s biggest goal now is to build Hanvon e-Book Store into an Internet platform that integrates book reviews, readers’ clubs and readers’ communities. In the future, based on Hanvon e-Book Store, Hanvon will further create a comprehensive digital product spread platform, which will be an e-commerce website. Music, videos, games, meeting information, e-newspapers, e-magazines and e-books can all be spread on this platform.


Hanvon divides the e-reader market into three parts: terminal, platform and content. Currently, Hanvon electronic paper books are sold in Taiwan through distributors. In order to strengthen its product advantages, Hanvon also announced that Hanvon Taiwan e-Book Store was formally launched on the Internet today. The e-book store uses Hanvon’s innovative business model. It integrates content creation, editing & publishing and digital service platform and can provide more than 10,000 Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English e-books that are most suitable for the Taiwan market. Consumers can link the e-book store through Hanvon electronic paper book’s Wifi wireless function and can easily enjoy a rich and diverse digital reading anytime and anywhere.

Taking Taiwan as an outpost for its march into the global market, Hanvon is actively making strategic layouts in Taiwan. Today, it holds its first e-book forum - "Key Report on the 2011 Digital Reading Market" – in Taiwan. Leaders of Taiwan’s e-book industry were invited to attend the meeting, including Government Information Office Publication Director Zhang Chongren, Digital Publishing Alliance Deputy Secretary-General Pang Wenzhen, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Management School Dean Lu Xipeng and famous writer Wang Wenhua. With such a forum, Hanvon hopes to jointly promote the development of the Chinese e-book and digital content industry with the leaders of Taiwan’s e-book industry. In the future, Hanvon will continue to cooperate with Taiwan’s digital content providers and publishers to expand the territory of Chinese publishing and jointly occupy the global digital reading market.