Hanvon Launches the World’s First 200dpi High-Resolution Electronic Paper Book


(January 6, 2011, Las Vegas) After Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. (Hanvon) released the world's first color electronic paper book in Japan on November 10, 2010, it will for the first time launch another masterpiece - the world's first large screen 200dpi high-resolution electronic paper book that is installed with Freescale 508 processor – on Las Vegas CES show on January 6, 2011. Hanvon is a global leader in recognition technology and smart sensors. It leads the world’s man-machine interface technology. With such technology, users can smoothly make complex handwriting input on terminal products and thus be able to lead a more intelligent life. With its powerful technical strength, Hanvon enters the e-book market. With a full range of integration capabilities, Hanvon has established a unique successful e-book development mode and become the world's second-largest e-book manufacturer. Meanwhile, Hanvon is also the world’s leading supplier of handwriting recognition, OCR and biometric identification technologies.

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Hanvon 200dpi high-resolution electronic paper book features powerful auxiliary reading functions, network functions and business office software, so it can perfectly achieve high-quality paperless office and reading. It will become the first choice for high-end business office people. It is nearly as large as a piece of A4 paper, having a 9.68-inch E INK screen and a brand new window-type operating interface, and supporting WIFI and 3G wireless Internet access. It can be operated and controlled with a Hanvon electromagnetic pen conveniently and smoothly. With a Hanvon third-generation pressure sensitive electromagnetic pen, it allows users to make comments, modifications and excerpts on it conveniently, thus completely achieving paperless reading and smoother and more precise writing.

Hanvon 200dpi high-resolution electronic paper book even has a better reading effect than traditional paper books. In addition to all functions of paper books, it also has instant translation, TTS voice reading and full text search. So it can provide powerful functions that paper books can not.

The electronic technology is ever-changing now. As an Internet-based comprehensive high-tech enterprise, Hanvon attracts much attention from all over the world. Hanvon electric paper book features high quality, versatile functions and a high cost-effective rate. Hanvon has constantly developed new technologies and products and constantly launched new electronic products that are far beyond people’s imagination.

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Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. (Hanvon) was established in 1998. With many years of research fruits, Hanvon is a global leader in the research, development, application and promotion of multiple intelligent man-machine interface technologies and products. Hanvon is an ambitious company. It now develops in two ways! First, Hanvon bases itself on the pattern recognition field and focuses on the research and promotion of handwriting, voice and biometric identification technologies and OCR. It owns a number of international leading core technologies and independent intellectual property rights. Second, Hanvon has established a sales and services network in more than 200 cities throughout China, comprehensively leading the digitalization and intelligentization of Chinese people’s work and life. "Loyalty, Dedication, and Struggle for First Forever" is the spirit of Hanvon, and continuous innovation is its theme. Hanvon is willing to sincerely cooperate with every friend to share China's fast-growing high-tech fruits and to create the new splendor of the information age. For more information, please browse www.hanvon.com.

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