Face ID: Approved Worldwide with 50,000 Real Installations!


Since Face ID was released on September 2008, over 50,000 units Face ID have been installed and more than 20 millions end users have experienced the unique facial recognition technology from Hanvon. Review the installation history of Face ID:

1) Over 800 units were installed in China from September to December on year 2008
2) Over 17,000 units were installed worldwide on year 2009
3) Over 33,000 units were installed worldwide on year 2010

“We have sold out more than 38,000 units on year 2010, we can calculate the real installations as our partners are keeping order Face ID from us even they have some stock. With 50,000 real installations, Face ID has been approved by end users, system integrators, and partners from worldwide, we will put more resource to promote Face ID worldwide”. Said by James Shi, GM of Biometric Division.

“We are using fingerprint product for time attendance in our factory, however, we are planning to replace fingerprint product with face product. At the beginning, we believe fingerprint could help us to avoid buddy punching and solve the problem of losing RFID card, but we had to face new problems of some employees can not identified when whether change, fingerprint abrasion after some days work, we also found there are still some buddy punching because of buddy enrollment. After testing the Face ID product within one month, we were very delight to see the benefits of this technology. No buddy punching, no complaint from employees for usability and hygienic. Both management and employees like this technology for time attendance, why not use face product”. Said by David, IT Director of the largest EMS manufacturer in the world.

“We have involved with facial recognition technology for more than 5 years, we know the prospect of facial recognition technology if it become mature. When we saw Face ID in 2009, we know this is the right face recognition product that we want. After fully testing, we have introduced Face ID to a lot of system integrators from different industry. We have a successful promotion to time attendance and access control market on year 2010, we have moved out over 1000 units during our past cooperation with Hanvon. We are working partner of L1/Suprema/ZKSoftware/Anviz, they are happy with the performance of Face ID”. Said by Muhiddin METIN, Managing Director of VIZYOTEK TEKNOLOJI(www.vizyotek.com) from Turkey.

“We have faced a lot of competition from other face recognition products, like low cost, so-called multi-biometric and so on. However, Face ID is the product that I really love to promote. The reasons are high performance and stable quality of itself. We got this confidence from our customer, they love it. At the beginning, some customer transfer to other face recognition products, but they come back to us as they were disappointed with their previous decision”. Said by Eray AYGUN, project manager of VIZYOTEK TEKNOLOJ(www.vizyotek.com) from Turkey.

“The best way to promote Face ID is to let partner and customer experience the technology then see the benefit of it. Sometimes, explain the technology makes nonsense”. Also said by Eray AYGUN.

“Face ID is the industry first embedded facial recognition system. The purpose of releasing Face ID is to replace fingerprint and RFID products in the market for access control and time attendance, identity management. Compare with fingerprint or RFID technology, facial technology has below features:

1) Hygienic: contactless enrollment and identification
2) High Usability: low failure to enroll and acquire rate
3) High Security: Photo-proof and Incident Trackable enhance the security level of authentication

With above features, Face ID is the best choice for biometric access control and time attendance management”. Said by Eric Lee, Director of Face ID team, who has more than 5 years experience with biometric industry.

“Providing leading technology, high quality product, professional service, long-term oriented to worldwide partners is the principle of Hanvon. We would like to invite the right partner who believe Hanvon and Face ID to work with us to enjoy the prospect market of Face ID”. Said by Thomas Xu, VP of Hanvon.

Face ID, the industry first embedded facial recognition system with leading “Dual Sensor™” Facial Recognition Algorithm, which designed for application like physical access control and time attendance, identity management. Face ID has gained very good reputation from end users, system integrators, and partners since its release on September 2008.

Hanvon Technology (SZSE: 002362), a world leader of developing Handwriting Recognition, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Biometric Recognition related technologies and products. The market principle of Hanvon is: be successful from keeping leading from core technologies and products:

1st brand and 1st market-share holder for handwriting technology in the world, core technology provider of Microsoft/Nokia/Samsung
1strelease embedded facial recognition system and brand, 1st market-share holder in the world
1stbrand and 1st market-share holder for License Plate Recognition in China
2nd release E-book reader and 2nd market-share holder in the world
2nd brand and 2nd market-share holder for Graphic Tablet in the world
2nd release tablet computer TouchPad in the world